You are currently viewing ‘The Nonviolence Tree’ – Romania

Școala Gimnazială Hodac, Romania
Grade: 7th B
Teacher: Alina Loțco
Date: 22nd of November 2021

In this activity, each student from the classroom received one sticky note.
They were explained that, even if they cannot control themselves everytime they become nervous, they had to write positive messages about themselves because it helps. I told them that it’s ok if they lie a little bit.
So students wrote, for example: I can control myself very fast and easy. I am very calm and relaxed.
After writing the messages, pupils had to stick them on a tree drawn on a big poster as they were leaves.
Then I asked them to tell me what messages should I write on a sticky note. They told me to write that I am very calm.
Then I also sticked my message on that tree.