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All participants took part in training concerning Anger Management Program based on several workshops and discussions dedicated to getting to know each other, summarising the work done so far, definition of anger, aggressive behaviour of students at schools, the necessity of Anger Management Programs, the content of management curriculum, the stages of expressing anger, alternative approaches to increase the family involvement. The activity was organized in a form of training provided by the school counsellor, workshops, group work (including students) and discussion. As a result all participants broadened their knowledge about anger, and the necessity of anger management programs was approved by all the participants. After discussing the results of survey ‘How good are you at Anger Management’ we worked out a draft of the Anger Management Program to be introduced to partner schools in Romania and Italy. A work in mixed groups containing teachers from different countries and students from Turkish Erasmus Club resulted in preparing posters against Anger to be displayed in the school hall.
The participants were: three teachers from Poland, two teachers from Latvia and participants from hosting school in Turkey, including headteachers, deputy headteachers, English Teachers, different subject teachers, students (mostly Erasmus Club students), the local governor responsible for education and the representatives of wider school community. Unfortunately neither Romanian or Italian partners came due to the covid-19 situation in their schools and countries.
The activities related to the workshops took place at school, in two buildings. The hosting school organised a welcoming on the schools’ yard and allowed us to participate actively in English and Biology lesson. The normal activities were organized according to the schedule and covid-19 restrictions, but the participants from Poland and Latvia could also integrate with all the staff and students at schools by visiting school’s premises and taking part in Carpet Art Activity or job shadowing opportunities. The activity created spontaneously that gave Polish and Turkish students a chance to meet online was a lesson when we connected two classes via zoom and allowed students to introduce themselves and sing a traditional song for their peers.
All involved participants were actively participating in the activities. Thanks to the exchange of experiences we became more familiar with the cycle of anger and the necessity of anger management program. We added the covid-19 reality situations to discussion as well in order to find solutions how we can help students to control their anger. We became aware of the importance of each student’s feelings, problems and the need to provide help to every of them before the situation gets out of control. The knowledge and skills will be shared and discussed with the partners from Italy and Romania during online meeting. The additional value of the activity was an opportunity to make familiar with different school systems and innovative ideas implemented in partners schools. All participants increased their language skills and tightened their friendly relations set before the meeting.