You are currently viewing Short-term joint staff training C6 Poland – field game

The next day of training as part of the Erasmus + project, May 18, 2023, our guests began with a demanding field game prepared by Ms. Magadelna Sławska-Opozda together with students of the bilingual class 7dw and teachers of SP11: Ms. Magdalena Nowak, Ms. Justyna Adach, Ms. Milena Janiec-Bryśkiewicz, Ms. Monika Nagłowska, Ms. Edyta Kornaś, Ms. Anna Banaczkowska and Ms. Magdalena Woźniak. Our guests and students of class 7dw worked in groups and had to solve a number of tasks prepared at the school. These included: finding on the map the capitals of the countries where the partner schools are located, drawing the symbol of Riga, arranging the Roma inscription from their bodies, correctly arranging the text of a Turkish song and learning Polish dance. Everyone had a great time, the fun turned into a race, in which, however, it was not the winner that counted, but good humor and cooperation. In the afternoon, our guests visited Sandomierz and the Krzyżtopór castle by night.