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The last day of training is artistic workshops. Our guests from partner schools in Turkey, Latvia and Italy had the opportunity to make paintings from live flowers together with students of the 8dw bilingual class, make a scented candle from beeswax with the addition of natural oils and make macrame. After the workshop, our guests visited several classrooms, where students were waiting for them with class presentations, questions and gifts for students of partner schools. We visited classes 3ai, 4ai, 5ai, 6ai and 5b.
As this was the last day of the training of the last partnership visit, teachers and students met to take stock of the three years of the project. They talked about the objectives of the project, the impact of the project on the entire school community and the positive aspects of the developed anger management program. After the summary, it was time to exchange gifts and commemorative photos.
Our project is slowly becoming history, but the friendships that have been created thanks to the project will last forever. Students are in constant contact with their peers from partner schools, teachers are already planning further joint initiatives, and in SP11 a team of people who are perfectly able to cooperate and prepare creative initiatives has been created. With the simultaneous involvement of students, parents and management, we can confidently plan further international projects!