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The next day of the visit of teachers from partner schools in Turkey and Latvia began with a visit of guests in several classrooms. Students together with educators prepared gifts for students in partner schools in the form of posters, letters and short presentations of classes and even songs. Our guests paid a visit to classes: 2ai, 2b, 3c, 4ai, 5ai, 6a, 7dw, 8b, 8c. On that day, the students organized a “Day Without a Backpack” and brought their textbooks in various ingenious containers. Our guests really liked the creative ideas of the children. SP 11 teachers prepared workshops during which our guests, together with teachers and students of our school, learned many practical solutions for fighting anger, and at the same time had the opportunity to work in an international team. The first workshop, on March 22, 2022, was prepared by Mrs. Justyna Adach and Mrs. Daria Jarosz. In the theoretical part, the following issues were discussed: How does anger grow? The reasons for the increase in anger in students. Physical and emotional signs of anger in children. Advice on how to encourage students to write a diary ” How to Deal with Anger? Techniques for dealing with emotions shown in scenes. How to replace aggressive behavior using communication and assertive attitude. In two groups, together with teachers from Latvia, Turkey and Polish, students of class 6a worked: Kornelia Koczubiej, Zosia Pająk, Karolina Wolf, Patryk Choroś and Konrad Siara. The most fun was provided by working on scenes, during which we managed to solve many conflict situations in a cheerful way. At the end of the workshop, Mrs. Daria Jarosz conducted a joint dance lesson – a Belgian dance, that broke down language and cultural barriers for good. As part of learning new relaxation techniques, Deputy Headteacher Agnieszka Pachocka organized workshops on weaving hearts from paper wicker. In the afternoon, the guests visited the lagoon and the monastery in Wąchock and tasted Polish dishes prepared by the teachers of our school.