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Class 5ai participated in mindfulness training, which is the practice of mindfulness.

Everybody can learn to feel happiness, joy or peace by training to focus one’s attention . We should focus on positive emotions and think about what gives us calmness and contentment and control those feelings which are destructive like anger, wrath, aggression etc.

Students from class 5ai had the opportunity to practice focusing on the positive thinks during the classes with Mrs. Agnieszka Jasztal-Rdzanek. The classes took place in the school mirror room. The students could lie down comfortably on mats. With their eyes closed, they imagined that they were happy. They focused on what gives them joy so that they can recall such a thought when they lose control of their emotions.

They also talked about the fact that all emotions, both good and bad, are necessary in human life. However, it is up to each of us how long we allow ourselves to be ruled by the bad emotions such as anger or rage.

During the classes students listened to relaxing music and meditated while concentrating on positive thinking.

It was an interesting and relaxing experience for them.