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Dear friends! We would like to share our school’s experience to find solutions to the anger 🙂 It is an activity that surely helps everyone to concentrate and relax 😊
Students of grades 4-8 on 10-12th January participated in crocheting workshops conducted by Daria Jarosz and Deputy Headteacher Agnieszka Pachocka. There was no end to the joy and smiles. Many students have noticed that holding a crochet and making a simple chain is not such a simple matter. The needlework triggered positive emotions among boys and girls. We were proud to look at the hour-long hand-made work. Students learn new skills by participating in workshops and at the same time they can do a good deed. Primary School No. 11 participates in the action ‘Extra-long scarf for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity’. Students of grades 4-8 can make a class scarf, which will take part in the school competition and, most importantly, will support the activities of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poland. The competition lasts until 20th January. We are all looking forward to the students’ works and the outcome of the competition.