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As part of the Erasmus+ project ‘Peaceful Schools with Anger-free classes’ on 20-26 March, we hosted teachers from partner schools in our school. Our guests from Turkey were: Mr. Tuncay Altun – Headmaster and his Deputy and Mr. Ismail Alabay. The guests from Latvia were: Mrs. Anita Kanca – mathematician and Mrs. Janis Pamiljans – physical education teacher.
A student of class 7b – Jagoda Opozda conducted an interview with our guests in English, which we present below.

Jagoda: Do you like our school?
Anita: Very much, the kids are the centre of the school.
Tuncay: I really liked it here, the energy here is so nice. You should really appreciate your teachers.
Ismail: I like your school too. Students are really nice. The teachers are very friendly and we are happy to be here.
Janis: I’m happy with the communicaction among the children and teachers here.

Jagoda: What do you think about the people here?
Ismail: Here people are very helpful and friendly. Because they had helped me with everything, in school or outside, so I don’t feel like foreigner at your school or in Starachowice.”
Tuncay: I loved everyone here, the students are very nice, your teachers are now my friends.
Anita: People are very sociable and friendly, we felt like in our homes.
Janis: Everyone was really nice, understanding and brave.

Jagoda: Can you tell me something about your country?
Tuncay: Turkey is very beautiful, surrounded by the seas from three directions, there are many places to visit. I’m sure you will like the food and historic sites that welcomed many civilizations.
Ismail: In our country, people are very positive too and very helpful and really friendly like you. You can see many people smiling, like me. Maybe in the future you would like to come to our country and see everything? There are a lot of historical areas in our country.
Anita: Latvia isn’t as historical as Poland, but we love our country and we’re proud of it, just like you. You are always welcome in our country.
Janis: Visit us! We will show you how we live, work, how we rest and eat.

Jagoda: Would you like to visit Poland again?
Ismail: Yes, of course!
Anita: Of course. You always want to come to the places that you like.
Janis: Definately with your company!
Tuncay: Of course.

Jagoda: Thank you for your time. See you again in Poland or in any other country taking part in the project.