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On 30th May, Primary School No. 11 celebrated the European Day of Foreign Languages organised by Teachers of English and German. On this occasion, students of grades 4-8 prepared thematic stands devoted to the previously drawn country (4ai- Ireland, 4b- Greece, 4c- Great Britain, 5ai- Portugal, 5b- Romania, 6a- Latvia, 7a- Germany, 7b- Ukraine, 7c- Italy, 7dw- Turkey, 8a- Czech Republic, 8b- France, 8c- Spain). All stands were decorated in the national colors of a given country, interesting information about countries in the form of posters, on the tables appeared national symbols, souvenirs and traditional dishes. Students of the school had the opportunity to get acquainted with popular phrases in different languages and try various dishes, such as Spanish gazpacho soup, Greek salad and fruit and kurabiedes – Greek butter cookies, English tea and muffins, Italian pizza, Portuguese fish pies, French croissants, Latvian potato pancakes, salad and cake, Czech dumplings and sweet snacks, Turkish sweets, Ukrainian tea and muffins, German Harribo jelly beans and many others.
During the celebration, the students watched the performance of students from class 5ai in the song “Somebody” by Sara James (Aleksandra Skiba- singing, Liliana Dula, Anna Kotowicz, Oliwia Wójcik- dance), the performance “Turnip”/ “Rzepka” by Julian Tuwim performed by students of the 7dw class under the supervision of Mrs. Iwona Ambroszczyk and the presentation of class 4b in the song “Pan Janie” in several languages prepared by Mrs. Magdalena Sławska-Opozda. Eighth-grade representatives also took part in a short quiz about the European Union, in which a group of students from class 8c won.

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